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Dr Sam Daniel

Psychological Medical Services

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*Counselling *Psychotherapy *Stress management
*Relaxation Therapy * Hypnotherapy * NLP

at 291 Kingsgrove Road Kingsgrove,
Cnr Moreton Avenue, NSW, Australia 2208
Providing counselling, Psychotherapy, Stress management,
Relaxation therapy and other Psychological Services.
Mental Health Physician
Dip. Clin. Hypnosis (ASH)
Dip. Clin. Hypnosis (MASCH)
Cert. Nutrition (Syd)
Cert. NLP Practitioner 

Dr Sam Daniel is the longest serving doctor at Kingsgrove, with over 44 years experience, dealing with physical and psychological problems.
His interest in psychological medicine led him to become a Fellow of the Australian College of Psychological Medicine.
He has also served in the National Committee of the above College for 3 years.

Professional Psychotherapy, treatment, and counselling are provided using CBT
Interpersonal Therapy, Choice Theory and New Reality therapy 
for individuals '121', couples, and families.

Beyond Blue Referred Psychological Medicine Practitioner. 
He also accepts referrals from other medical practitioners and health professionals.
He is the lead Co-ordinator for Sydney South Mental Health.
As confidentiality of your therapy is paramount, he does not participate in treatment of
Work, Centrelink, Compensations, Legal or Superannuation related matters.
Hence certification or discussion about you to any third party is not possible. 

Get to Know Us: 
General enquiries are fully addressed in a FAQ format in the following pages. 
To find out what 
Counselling could do for you please refer to the next page. 
Be sure to visit Medical Hypnotherapy page to understand the mistery of Hypnosis. 
How to Find Us page provides information on how to access our Centre. 
If you wish to access any other services 
please go to our Link With Us page.



Conditions Treated:

   Anxiety, DepressionPanic Disorders, Phobias, Smoking
Memory and Concentration, Studies, Exam Fears,
Anger (management), Self-confidence issues,
Low Self-esteem, Stress Management,
 Relationship or Marital Problems, Personality Disorders, Mood disorders
Generalised / Social Anxiety, Eating Disorders,Obesity management,  "Nerves",  
                                        Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Nervous rash,
Insomnia and other mind induced physical conditions.
  Better Mental Health Outcomes:
Mental Health Plan - CARE PROVIDER

For On-line Appointment
for Initial Session Only Click Here
*Learn to de-stress and unwind
*Overcome Depression, anxiety and worry 
*Manage time better and be well motivated
*Learn to successfully set goals and achieve
*Build your untapped self awareness skills
*Change your attitude to get the best out of life
*Stay focused to be the person you want to be

We are all unique and so are our needs.
As those individual issues are identified,
the treatment is then tailored
to deal with your personal needs.
The causes of your symptoms are dealt with directly,
without wasting time dealing only with the symptoms,
as you will be managed by a qualified doctor all the time. 
The treatment is evidence-based, providing caring and sensitive service to your personal and individual needs. 
Hence you start enjoying longer lasting results a lot sooner!

                                                                                   For On-line Appointment for Initial Session Only Click Here. 
How To Find Us page has all contact details.
During therapy hours the phone may not be attended. 
Then you may wish to leave a message for us to contact you.
Phone Number: 02 9502 3909